Bridlington Heritage Plaques

A public vote is running from Monday 17 February for two weeks on nominations for a number of proposed plaques to be installed across the Bridlington Conservation Areas. It is up to you who or what gets recognition by way of a plaque! Choose your top four choices from the shortlist, and the top four nominations will be recognised by the plaques.


  1. I think The Harbour House on Ship Hill should get a blue plaque.
    Previous occupants include a sewerby hall housekeeper, a sail maker, a railway man, Rowland Spiers the harbour master back in 1950’s, a marine engineer, a local hotelier ( who lived there until she was in her 80’s), and a city charity founder with an OBE.
    Its the last original remaining private house on the harbour, its frequently in photos and paintings and the previous occupants and the changing nature of their occupations would make an interesting plaque and historic timeline.

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