Some facts about Bridlington:


Bridlington has been inhabited since at least the bronze age. The settlement at the time of the Norman conquest was called Bretlinton, but has also gone by the names of Berlington, Brellington, Britlington and Burlington, before settling on its modern name in the 19th century

Bridlington is the largest town in the East Riding of Yorkshire, with a population of 35,369 in the 2011 census

Bridlington Harbour is Europe’s premier shellfish port. Landings here are valued at £7m per year.

The Priory Church was originally an Augustine monastery, Founded in 1113 on the site of a Saxon church and nunnery, it was dissolved in 1538 when all buildings except the nave of the Priory and the Bayle Gate were destroyed.

Bridlington Spa and gardens opened in 1896 with a theatre and a dance hall. A fire destroyed the theatre in 1906 and a replacement was opened in 1907. The dance hall was replaced in 1926, and this burned down in 1932, with the replacement "Royal Hall" being completed 6 months later. The building was refurbished throughout between 2006 and 2008 at a cost of £20.5M.

Bridlington was originally two settlements, the Quay and the Old Town, approximately 1 mile away. The Old Town encompasses the Bridlington Priory Church and Bayle Museum along with the wonders of the Bridlington Old Town High Street with its well preserved Georgian houses and the Market Place.