The Bridlington Regeneration Partnership wish to help in whatever way they can with the issues arising from the Coronavirus collective national effort.

To this end, the Partnership, in conjunction with ERVAS and others, will use its internet resources to provide knowledge in the following areas:

  • Help for individuals e.g. relief schemes, etc. Click for more information.
  • Help being provided by local organisations to people self-isolating. Click for more information.
  • Help for voluntary organisations. Click for more information
  • Help being provided for local small business owners. Click for more information.
  • We would like to create a list of local businesses who are providing services for people self-isolating or who would prefer home deliveries. If you know of any such businesses can you please contact us ( and let us know who, services offered (e.g. pick up, delivery, etc) and preferred contact details (email address, phone, etc.)

We are in a rapidly changing environment, so if anyone who spots additions, deletions or amendments can let us know via email:

If anyone can think of additional informational services that would help the town and surrounding area, please also let us know your thoughts by emailing us

ERVAS have published "5 things you can do to make a positive difference in your community". You can see it on their website -

A good place to share information about the communities in Bridlington and its surrounding villages is the Partnership Facebook page - Bridlington Regeneration - Facts not Fiction

National Geographic have a series of articles available on Coronavirus which are free to access.